Ritual Reconstructed Revisited: continuity and signalling the future.

  • Kochberg, Searle (CoI)
  • Greenfields, Margaret (PI)
  • Knan, Shaan (Team Member)

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ONLINE SYMPOSIUM ORGANISATION - The aim of this symposium is to bring together LGBTQI+ (secular and religious), Jewish and interfaith community members/representatives and creatives, and academics working or engaged with issues of representation, ritual life, wellbeing and creativity. The suite of co-produced activities is led by LGBTQI+ people of faith, in collaboration with allies.
The conference foregrounds the voices of community and religious leaders’ voices and NOT academia, for the simple reason that ritual practice is formulated through ‘doing’ and enacting, via social action and through collaborative engagement and debate.
In this globally challenging and politically charged period, this event creates an opportune moment for those involved in LGBTQI+ religious practices and rights to meet up and reflect on continuity; change; future directions; and emergent developments in relation to religious practices; rights; inclusivity and well-being of LGBTQI+ people of faith. These themes are contextualised and framed through foregrounding the experiences of LGBTQI+ Jewish communities, whilst offering scope for transferability of concept and practice to other faith contexts.

Layman's description

A follow up on the AHRC research findings of 'Ritual Reconstructed' (2014-16). This symposium brings together LGBGTQ+ Jewish stakeholders - community members, artists, Rabbis, curators, cultural programmers, interfaith contributors - to consider the issues at stake in the complex intersectional spheres that encompass LGBTQ+ Jewish belief, ritual and wider socio cultural practices.

Half-day panels and events will take place on the 15th (am); 16th (pm) and 17th (am) December. Full programme to follow. Further information is available on our website; by following us on Twitter or by emailing us. NB registration link


Keynote: LGBTQI+ Jews: impacting religious practice and social justice


LGBTQI+ (Physical and Metaphorical) Jewish Space
LGBTQI+ Interfaith Panel
LGBTQI+ Jewish Representation in the Arts
Mental Health and Well-Being: The LBGTQI+ Jewish experience
LGBTQI+ Jewish Intersectional Identities
LGBTQI+ Religious Identities in a Pandemic
The representation of LGBTQI+ Jewish Women and Non Binary People in Ritual Practice
Looking to the Future New LGBTQI+ Jewish Rituals
Effective start/end date15/12/2017/12/20


  • ritual
  • jewish
  • LGBTQ+
  • co-creativity
  • UK


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