Robots for hazardous environments

    Project Details


    Development of components and systems for mobile robot assemblies designed for operation in nuclear environments. The project complemented a Teaching Company Scheme with Nuclear Electric plc led by Prof Jan Stuart (Partnership number: 3813).

    As part of the research, Bing Luk completed his PhD in 1991 after investigating robot force sensing using stochastic monitoring of the actuator current. The PhD was initially directed by J Billingsley and DA Sanders was a supervisor for final 18 months.

    Layperson's description

    Industrial project with Portech Ltd to create some robot systems for and Nuclear Electric.

    Key findings

    Created systems for mobile robot assemblies that could survive or degrade gracefully in nuclear environments.
    Short titleIndustrial project with Portech Ltd and Nuclear Electric
    Effective start/end date1/01/921/01/93


    • Nuclear environment
    • Components
    • Design
    • Mobile robot
    • System
    • Survive
    • Degrade


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