Royal Navy Replenishment at Sea

  • Turnbull, Ted (PI)
  • Limpens, Anna (CoI)
  • Pay, Russell (Team Member)
  • White, Taylor (Team Member)
  • Sharley, Kieran (Team Member)
  • Walker, William (Team Member)
  • Beach, Zach (Team Member)
  • Jarrett, Alexander (Team Member)

Project Details


This project developed a pre-training tool for replenishment at sea for Royal Navy personnel, using the Titan Vanguard synthetic training engine. Due to technical challenges with this engine, the project also developed a parallel version of the tool using Unreal Engine 4.

Key findings

The project delivered a pair of prototypes, one in Titan Vanguard and one in Unreal Engine 4, demonstrating the core functionality of the training tool. Technical documentation was delivered to Calytrix comparing development of the tool in Titan and Unreal Engine which could be used as a reference for how external developers are using the two different engines.
Effective start/end date1/10/1930/06/20


  • VR
  • Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Navy
  • Unreal Engine
  • Titan


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