School of Creative Technologies AAA Game Development Project

Project Details


Commercial release of a AAA quality computer game, surrounding press coverage, dissemination of experience to like-minded groups, industry collaboration, and research outputs.

Key members of the CT games development staff have decided to collaborate in an ongoing research and development project, to support students to implement a commercial quality (AAA) computer game.

The project will be staff-led, with students providing the talent to implement the actual game content. The intention is to enable students to engage in an industry role, in contributing to a project that will also aim to generate revenue for the Faculty, to enable future innovative projects.

However, to facilitate the commercialisation process, a limited company must be created to hold the IP rights and commercial licenses and to act as a publisher; something that would also facilitate other student/staff projects. In addition to the commercial and skills development benefits, research outputs will be generated that will be of relevance to the wider academic and professional communities.

The project’s research foci are game design philosophy, theory and practice, research and development of game production processes and technologies, the pedagogic benefits of student engagement, and the use of the Research through Design methodology within the field of games research. These outputs could be geared towards future REFs and the developed artefact may potentially be eligible as an impact case study.
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/20


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