Scoping the training and capacity building needs of Sussex Clubs for Young People: Towards the implementation of level 6 qualifications

    Project Details


    This project is a scoping activity that evaluates the current workforce training and capacity building needs of SCYP and the wider, affiliated organisations that SCYP supports as an umbrella body.

    The project is being carried out as a consultative process in which the final stage will involve dissemination and discussion on findings with the participating workforce in order to agree an action plan that will inform a larger funding application to enable its implementation. A final report will be sent to all stakeholders in this project that will outline the processes involved in the project, data findings and how these have been analysed and how this analysis has been applied to the final, agreed action plan.
    Short titleScoping the workforce needs for SCYP
    Effective start/end date15/05/2331/07/23