Set up and Elaboration of an Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Sea Basin

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The 2013 – 2020 Atlantic Action Plan underwent a mid-term review in 2017 in order to assess its performance and draw lessons from its implementation to pave the way for the future. The Mid-term Review of the AAP, based on an independent study and a stakeholder consultation, found that by 2017 the plan had spurred over 1200 new maritime projects and nearly 6 billion euro of investments, an achievement that is visible in the EASME maritime data hub. Based on the findings of the mid-term review, notably the potential of the action plan to create even more impact for the coastal economy, the European Commission took concrete steps in order to safely steer the Atlantic Maritime Strategy into a promising future. A first series of workshops, revolving around themes identified as highly relevant for the Atlantic blue economy were held between September and November 2018 in the Atlantic Member States.
Effective start/end date3/07/1831/07/20


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