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Engas Global Ltd in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth and other partners has won a research funding for a £1.5 million collaborative project to produce green hydrogen for refuelling of hydrogen boats at Portsmouth International Port. The School of Energy and Electronic Engineering, University of Portsmouth, and other schools at the Faculty of Technology at UoP along with several industry and academic partners bring together complementary skills to deliver this ground breaking project to establish a hydrogen hub at Portsmouth. The Renewable Energy students (BEng, MEng, MSc and PhDs) and students from other schools will get a significant exposure from this project and our industrial an applied research on hydrogen energy.

Portsmouth plays a strategic role in the maritime sector in the UK as the Royal Navy's Headquarter. The broader aim of this SHAPE UK project is well aligned with the strategic goals of the University of Portsmouth and other leading organisations in the city.

In this project Engas Global Ltd will install an electrolyser, an intermediate pressure hydrogen compressor, a ultra high pressure booster/refuelling compressor, hydrogen refuelling nozzles to refuel onboard cylinders of an outboard vessel at Portsmouth marina.

This is enabling the localised production of hydrogen for a multi £ billion UK/EU/US and the world markets for zero carbon heating, transport fuel for the maritime applications.

The Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition, announced as part of the Prime Minister’s 10 point plan for green industrial revolution, is supporting the development of innovative technology to propel the government’s commitment to have zero emission ships operating commercially by 2025 – creating hundreds of highly skilled jobs across the nation and establishing the UK as world leaders in clean maritime.

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Production of green hydrogen and oxygen from water powered by renewable energy to run a hydrogen powered boat at Portsmouth Port.

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Green hydrogen production
Short titleSHAPE UK
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/03/22


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