Sobriety Stories: Drinking pasts, sober presents and imagined futures

  • Nicholls, Emily (PI)

Project Details


This project has been funded by faculty QR funding (FHSS). Designed in partnership with external organisation IChange21, the project will employ semi-structured interviews with at least 10 female former drinkers who have not used ‘formal’ treatment/recovery programmes to explore the ways in which they tell the ‘story’ of their journey to sobriety, and how they frame their past drinking selves, maintain their current non-drinking identities and imagine their sober futures. In particular, the research will explore the ways in which relationships with the self and others and one's sense of identity might undergo changes as former drinkers make the transition to early sobriety.

Layman's description

This project explores the experiences of women who stop drinking, focusing on how they make the transition from 'drinkers' to women in the early stages of sobriety. I will carry out approximately 10 interviews with women to encourage them to tell the story of their journey to sobriety and to share any changes in their relationships and identity that have occurred as part of this journey.

Key findings

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Effective start/end date1/12/1831/07/19


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