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Gathering information on people’s perceptions is a cornerstone of research and a commercial industry with companies such as YouGov and Amazon providing services for commercial and academics users, often paying individuals to be part of surveys. Although useful, such services are costly and often attract ‘professional’ survey takers rather than provide a representative sample.
This bid proposes to conduct a scoping study on the feasibility of setting up a Social Perception Observatory (SPO) at the university. This would consist of a pool of individuals and organisations from the local region that are willing to be involved in surveys, focus groups and longitudinal studies for academic research. The demographic characterises of individuals and organisations will be recorded and sampling from this pool based upon the specific requirements of each piece of research undertaken. Having a readily available pool for survey will ensure that research requiring surveys and focus groups can be ensured of a high level of responses as well as providing a source on ongoing research outputs.

Specifically, the scoping study will assess:
· Demand for such an observatory within the university and regional organisations
· The existing databases of potential respondents for targeted surveys such as alumni
· The technical and legal barriers to such an observatory and how they can be overcome
· The operation of such an observatory to ensure it is operated fairly and transparently and that survey ‘fatigue’ is prevented amongst the pool of respondents
· The set-up and running costs associated with the operation of such an observatory
· Identify how the SPO could aid in the identification and development of key policies at the local and regional level such as outlined in the British Academy report – Shaping the Covid Decade.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/07/21


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