Sprint Project: Challenger 2 Tank Driving Simulator

Project Details


An investigation into technology required for a CR2 driver sim - encompassed vehicle physics models, terrain deformation, terrain geophysics simulation, satellite and aerial imagery, and digital object capture processes.

Production of VR / Haptic simulator for training tank drivers on current generation challenger 2 main battle tank. A simulator can reduce 'real' hours needed for crew to qualify, to qualify. It allows us to build other linked simulator elements in future projects and to perform other research within the 'apparatus' of the simulator.

Key findings

Core programmer nominated for TIGA student Programmer of the Year and direct link to their employment at Sim Centric.
Effective start/end date1/06/2131/07/21


  • simulation
  • games
  • game engine
  • VR
  • Haptic


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