Sprint Project: ComCity – Mobile/web technology to deliver gamified intergenerational literacy programs

Project Details


Intergenerational Literacy Programs (ILPs) can break the chain of intergenerational literacy, enabling low-literacy parents to facilitate higher literacy in their children, with significant impact including school attendance, academic attainment, and employability. However, ILPs are expensive to deliver and engagement with them is low as many adults feel uncomfortable seeking help. This presents an opportunity in the application of smartphone technology and games design principles to address both the cost-effectiveness and engagement limitations of ILPs.

Layperson's description

ComCity aims to help young children with their reading comprehension skills through gamification and socially driven engagement. The app is built for Android mobile/tablet devices.
Effective start/end date1/06/2131/07/21


  • games
  • Android application
  • Literacy


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