Stabilisation in investment contracts and change of rules by host countries: Tools for O & G investors

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Association of International Petroleum Negotiators commissioned research grant - $10,000 (USD).

The research project details how international oil and gas companies can ensure the security of their billions and hundreds of millions of dollars worth investment in the energy sectors over a long period of time in host countries by contractual mechanisms, treaty arrangements and dispute settlement provisions. The project also shows how the host state governments should keep the balance of the exercise of their sovereign regulatory and administrative powers and the foreign investors' legitimate expectations during the life of their contractual relationships. The findings are meant to assist international petroleum negotiators/ professionals and their legal advisers as well as the host state governments, their policy makers and legal advisers to design a contractual framework and an investment regime that objectively cater for the needs and interests of all the parties involved in such international energy and petroleum operations and transactions.

Layperson's description

International energy and petroleum contracts
Short titleAIPN Research grant
Effective start/end date10/08/0510/08/06


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