Supernatural Cities: Narrated Geographies and Spectral Histories

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This multidisciplinary, cross-faculty project explores how we imaginatively engage with historical and contemporary urban environments. Focussing on ideas of haunting and the unseen city, it investigates the relationship between imagination, narratives, community and urban spaces/places. It places strong emphasis on reaching beyond academia to engage with creative practitioners and local communities. It therefore has rich potential for impact as it prompts imaginative interaction with, and enhanced understanding of our urban environments. It has already established a network of academics and artists and now seeks to develop it to its next stage, increasing its online presence, seeking external funding to make it self-sustaining, and expanding its focus to develop transnational connections.

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A research project that explores ghost stories and the supernatural in urban environments, past and present. The project works with a network of scholars in the UK and beyond. It has also conducted activities with local writers and artists, and has attempted to crowd-source accounts of local supernatural phenomena from residents of Portsmouth.
Short titleSupernatural Cities
Effective start/end date1/09/15 → …


  • Faculty strategic project


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