Sustainable public procurement for food in Higher Education: The Case of Universities offering Law courses in England’

Project Details


I was awarded the Law School and the Climate Crisis Fund for this project. The objectives of the project were a) to identify the challenges and opportunities in embedding sustainability throughout the procurement process for the provision of food and catering in universities offering law courses in England and b) to evaluate effective approaches for leading institutional change and procurement officers towards sustainability. I conducted 19 online interviews with procurement officers who work for universities in England and have been involved in the procurement of food and catering services. The interviews were transcribed by my research assistant Mr. Luca Graf, whom I was able to appoint thanks to the award from the Society of Legal Scholars. The funding also allowed for research assistance to analyse the data I collected from the interviewees.

Key findings

The outcome of this project is a book chapter, which is included in the book "Sustainable Food Procurement :Legal, Social and Organisational Challenges, Stein, M., Caranta, R., Polychronakis, Y. & Mariani, M. (eds.). Routledge.
Effective start/end date1/03/2130/05/23