Sustainable up-cycling of agro-, agrofood and fisheries residues in horticulture and agriculture as bioenergy, biochar and chitin-rich products

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Sustainable up-cycling of agrofood, and fisheries residues in horticulture and agriculture as bio-energy, biochar and chitin-rich products. Horti-BlueC will develop solutions for sustainable growing media in greenhouse horticulture. We will explore potential for upcycling shellfish waste, green waste, and CO2 emissions. The new materials will contribute to the circular economy in the 2 Seas region.

Layperson's description

Horti-BlueC aims to create a 'sustainable greenhouse' for the cultivation of strawberry and tomato crops in Europe. This will involve the upcycling of by-products from current practices. Crop waste will be heat treated to provide new growing media. The CO2 from the heat treatment will be recycled into the greenhouse as a plant fertiliser. Chitin from shellfish waste will be used as to improve plant health. We hope that this will decrease pesticide use and improve the health benefits of the fruits, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and reducing waste products.
Short titleHorti-BlueC
Effective start/end date2/02/1830/04/22


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