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‘The Bears” is a photographic portrayal of women who were part of Brown University’s rugby team between 2013-2015. While being part of an intellectually exigent environment, these students had decided to also join a very physically demanding sport. A sport that introduces them to a community that will not only challenge them to push their limits as athletes, but will strengthen them both physically and mentally. I was drawn to portraying the young women who joined the team, not only as a sport, but as a way to be introduced to a community with a strong identity where they can find an identity of their own. Through my work, I aim to challenge the stereotypes that women who join this sport are supposed to fit, and to broaden our understanding of what we define as masculine and feminine.

Described as a sport of "elegant violence", rugby has a complex identity that is often simplified. In my work, I'm interested in enhancing the dualities that define the sport and the athletes: violence and grace, weakness and strength, masculine and feminine. In 2016, for the first time, women's rugby competed at the Olympics level. We witnessed a historical change that hopefully continues to shine light on the persistence and successful effort of female athletes, and challenges the meaning of that have historically been dominated by men.
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