The research narrative of Art Heritage and Resilience in South Sudan

Project Details


This short research project utilised UoP's GCRF fund to support existing partners in Juba (South Sudan) and facilitate the development of films and animations through consultation and capacity building in the form of needed equipment for film editing, scanning of primary source material and equipment for film and animation.

Key findings

A short film was created utilising footage from the AHRSS project. New skills were learned and partners were able to access professional equipment to fulfil even more complex visual outputs. An animated film was produced which explores the findings of Tamsin Bradley's research on violence against women and the complex dualities around art contributing to empowerment and, negative gendered traditions and behaviours. It was found that mixed media animation is well suited for difficult and sensitive subject matter and can manage complexity for a wide range of audiences. The symbolic forms of animation allow for a wider appreciation of issues through a universality implicit in the non-specific depiction of characters. Diverse stylistic choices in the animation created a relevant dialogue with the many different forms of artistic output found in South Sudan.
Effective start/end date1/06/2031/07/20


  • gender
  • violence against women
  • artistic practices
  • South Sudan


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