The Sahel Crisis in Historical Perspective: Supporting a Conflict-Sensitive Approach Through Interdisciplinary Research

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    This project employs a novel interdisciplinary, comparative approach to assess the interplay between local and transnational influences on these 'jihadist' groups in an effort to boost the conflict sensitivity of local and extra-regional actors. Delivered by an interdisciplinary team of historians and political scientists based in research institutions across Europe and West Africa, the project will develop new policy-relevant understandings that will feed into the redevelopment of Sahelian security strategies at this crucial time.
    Short titleHistorical Sahel Crisis
    Effective start/end date1/03/2129/02/24


    • British Academy: £49,345.00


    • Sahel
    • Jihad
    • Islamic State
    • Memory
    • Insurgency


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