Towards a Smart Village Framework: Critical Heritage and Community Heritage Narratives to Unravelling, Co-Creating and Re-Creating Rural Heritage

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The project fuses qualitative and quantitative analysis, co-creation and innovative digital tools to capture, interpret, and visualise hidden heritage narratives as a central driver for rural sustainable development and community resilience. It investigates how an interdisciplinary approach and co-creation methodologies can contribute to valuing and mapping multi-disciplinary culture and heritage dimensions of rural environments, and how this can be communicated to the public in interactive ways. The project provides an essential research step that informs future work on smart village frameworks for resilient and sustainable development and community wellbeing. The work will be developed in collaboration with Fishbourne and Weald and Downland Museums and local communities from their related villages (Fishbourne and Singleton).
Effective start/end date3/10/2231/07/23


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