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Make accessible and facilitate the practice of treatment of the prostate cancer from the brachytherapy technique. This is focused on technological innovation for the healthcare sector in the region 2 Seas. The idea is to develop a new generation of the robotized brachytherapy of the prostate (Treatment of Prostate Cancer) concept, to be accessible by almost all patient in the region 2 Seas. The innovation is that the new technology of robotized system can be compatible with the imaging technique of the MRI. The old version that we developed is based ultrasound imaging (

My idea for you in this project, is to realize the mapping of potential users of this techniques of Prostate Cancer treatment in the region of 2 Seas, then to optimize the location of this concept to be accessible by the patient who is resident in the 2 Seas region. Cancer of prostate affects 1 men among 6 in the region of 2 Seas. Also, we can imagine that multiple centres from the region of 2 Seas can share the same equipment because it is transportable. We can also imagine some optimization issue located at the scale of a hospital.
Short titleCOBRA
Effective start/end date1/01/1830/09/22