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£7000 research funding for career development in interdisciplinary research

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We live in a resource-hungry world. With booming global populations, there is an ever-growing need for (green) energy, resources, food, water and power. The UK government is focused on industrial strategies that bring together researchers and industry to solve some of the really big challenges that we’re facing to benefit society, economies and the environment. One of these challenges is sustainable green energies and environmental policy to mitigate the impacts of existing infrastructure and pollution. My research strategy and goals align to this policy to better develop mechanisms for disposing of nuclear waste, for the potential of carbon capture storage, and maximising geological resources for society and the environment. This fits with the risk, resilience and crisis management theme focus area as my research will help identify risks within the nuclear power industry and will help to mitigate against geological hazards for the nuclear waste deep geological disposal facilities. Furthermore, my research is aligned with the ‘Clean growth’ focus area. Radioactive waste and carbon capture storage are two strategic areas in which the UK can invest to develop techniques for sustainable resource and waste management.
Effective start/end date1/01/191/09/21


  • Natural Environment Research Council: £17,250.00
  • Natural Environment Research Council: £15,360.00


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