Understanding sexual transgression in the #MeToo era

  • Paquette, Sarah (PI)
  • Longpre, Nicholas (CoI)
  • Guay, Jean-Pierre (CoI)
  • Brouillette-Alarie, Sébastien (CoI)

Project Details


Given the many upheavals resulting from movements like #MeToo, it is likely that the boundaries of what is considered a sexual transgression have also evolved. This study aims to identify which factors make sexual behaviours transgressive. To reach this goal, a mixed-method approach will be adopted to assess the general population’s perception of different situations depicting sexual behaviours. Social perception will be assessed using both focus groups and factorial survey technique. Therefore, the main objective of this research project is to draw a qualitative and quantitative portrait of factors that make a sexual situation transgressive, as opposed to acceptable or illegal.
Effective start/end date3/04/23 → …