Understanding the individual and organisational experiences of miscarriage and stillbirth in the workplace

  • Foroughi, Hamid (CoI)
  • Bocori, Ilaria (PI)

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    We know that miscarriage and stillbirth are common losses, experienced by one in three couples but very little research has examined how it impacts on employees, their career choices and how management and HR practices can support staff in these times. Traditionally, research on fertility, birthing and parenthood has focused on women and their experiences. By interviewing both men and women, and by approaching the personal and professional experience of baby loss holistically, we aim to provide vital insights into the professional, physical and emotional effects on individuals and their coping strategies.
    It is crucial for these experiences to be adequately managed in organisations, both in terms of employees’ wellbeing and performance.
    Short titleOrganisational experiences of miscarriage
    Effective start/end date1/08/20 → 31/07/22


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