Project Details


The Heritage Hub brings together researchers and professionals from across the university to tackle key issues in heritage and heritage conservation locally, nationally and internationally.

We encourage traditional, creative and innovative methods and tools to protect and preserve tangible and intangible heritage.

With communities at the heart of our research and innovation activities, the hub promotes cross- and interdisciplinary approaches to preserving both tangible and intangible heritage for communities, policy-makers and organisations.

The Heritage Hub aims to:
♦ Provide a focus for university engagement with heritage partners locally, nationally and internationally

♦ Encourage and support successful and inclusive heritage research and community engagement within the university and with local communities

♦ Develop and implement an interdisciplinary dialogue and agenda for heritage research, community engagement and professional practices and for resilient and sustainable development of our places and communities

Our interdisciplinary approaches are represented in key heritage-based areas:
Oral histories, communities and identity
Conservation science
Valuing heritage
Digital Heritage
Community heritage
Local built and maritime heritage
Creative Heritage and Illustrating the past
Effective start/end date1/03/2231/07/26