Unpacking the profiling discussion of the Neurodiversity Profiling Tool: A convergent analysis of interaction, care giver experience and profile outcomes

Project Details


Portsmouth City Council has put forward the Neurodiversity Pathway, a needs based approach to the identification and support of children and young people in the Portsmouth area. At the heard of this approach is the Neurodiversity Profiling tool, a procedure with which parents, children and practitioners co-create the profile of a child. This approach relies heavily on the accuracy of the profile built, as it informs the design of individualised treatment.

Hence, it is crucial to evaluate the interaction between the ND profiler, the caregiver and the child during the process of building the profiles, to ensure that they are a realistic reflection of the child’s strengths and needs. Also it is important to understand how the training prepares the ND profilers for building the final profile.

Aims of the project:
1. to understand which of the elements of the profiling process are driving the building of the profile
2. to identify potential variability across interviewers
3. to develop materials and guidelines that can be used by education professionals and the
Neurodiversity Team to increase the effectiveness of the training and the profiling tool (i.e.,
improve consistency but also ensure adaptability)
Effective start/end date19/08/2314/08/24