Ways of assisting with tele-operation (First research Project)

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    This was the first research project to investigate assisting people with tele-operation tasks. The project created new ultrasonic sensor systems for tele-operated vehicles and then created the software algorithms to mix human and sensor inputs to drive the tele-operated vehicle. That effectively created X-by-wire tele-operated mobile robot systems.

    C Lytridis completed his PhD in 2005 after studying co-operative robotic search strategies for odour source localisation. The PhD was directed by Y Liu and supervised by DA Sanders.

    Key findings

    New software algorithms were created for the intelligent mixing of inputs to a tele-operated vehicle and they were successfully demonstrated with new ultrasonic sensors (also created during the research).

    - X-by-wire technology for tele-operated mobile robots was demonstrated.
    - Tele-operated mobile robots were demonstrated being used for rescue tasks.
    - a review of new remote control and computer-linked systems was completed.
    - Driver and vehicle safety was improved.
    Short titleAssisting with tele-operation
    Effective start/end date29/11/976/06/03


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