Welcome back, this is a place for quiet reflection

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What happens when a group of women come together in nature, and then close their eyes in unison?

A few years ago I embarked upon a quest to find spaces and places where women can let go, be raw and honest to themselves. This took me to mystical sites such as Glastonbury and Carnac where I found women making their own pilgrimages to seek guidance through spiritual practices. The rituals they practiced and the nature that surrounded them provided a break from society; a space free from expectations. They opened up to each other, exposing their vulnerabilities and wounds. The secrets they shared freed them to trust each other and united them in sisterhood.

‘Welcome back, this is a place for quiet reflection’ serves as a testament to our yearning to connect with the wisdom of the past, to find guidance amidst the complexities of the present. Moments of meditation are depicted alongside dramatic scenes, portraying the peace and wonder found in nature and community. The photographs invite you to pause and reflect – what does quiet contemplation in nature mean to you? How can we find strength in our connections with each other and the natural world?
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