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    Improving robotic welding in the automobile and shipbuilding industry using object oriented modelling and new corner-finding algorithms to help recognise parts.

    Key findings

    The following were created:

    - New prototype automatic intelligent systems to plan and perform simple spot-welding tasks.
    - Object-oriented approach to programming welding robots.
    - New methods to locate corners in images to improve the extraction of Fourier descriptors and subsequent recognition of parts.
    - A pointer device for TFT display screens that determines position by detecting colours on the display using a colour sensor and an Artificial Neural Network.
    - Recognition of shipbuilding parts by pre-locating corners in images.
    - Object-oriented programming for mobile robot welding systems.
    - A robotic welding system using image processing techniques and a CAD model to provide information to a multi-intelligent decision module.
    - New corner-finding algorithms to help recognise parts.
    - Pre-location of corners in images.
    - Recognizing shipbuilding parts using artificial neural networks and Fourier descriptors.
    Short titleAssisting with spot-welding
    Effective start/end date6/05/025/04/07


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