When Translation Meets Technologies: Language Service Providers in the Digital Age (Phase 2)

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While increasing the speed of the translation process, recent advances in translation technologies have raised some concerns such as digital disruption and the resulting lower social status of the profession. The project examines Language Service Providers’ (LSPs’) beliefs and behaviours surrounding the use of translation technologies in order to identify effective and sustainable human-technology interaction, which can be applied to the practice of translation.
Building on the results gained in the first phase project in the UK, the second phase project expands into two international sub-projects. 1) A focus group study is carried out with Japanese LSPs to collect comparable data from one of the most important international translation markets. 2) A workplace observation study is conducted with leading LSPs in Spain and the UK to study LSPs’ in-house training practices.
Effective start/end date3/10/163/09/19


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