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As you traverse the void the world constantly builds itself around you. Shapes rise from the void, stretching out into existence, their colours fading in from white, becoming the trees of a forest or graves of a cemetery. Take a few more steps away and the world behind you begins to sink away as you walk further out into the void. Each piece of the void rises with its own signature sound; the low hum of strings, the gentle touch of piano, the playful pluck of a violin, all contributing to the concerto that the world sings as the void springs to life.

Designed and developed through undergraduate research at the University of Portsmouth, White Lake is a minimalist 'walking simulator'. Gutting the typical mechanics of a first-person game we are left with a strangely captivating world to explore and a number of ever-changing stories partially told by the player themselves as they interact with the white void.
Effective start/end date1/09/15 → …


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