Will bringing nature indoors have a positive effect on children's learning and wellbeing?

Project Details


This project in a Primary school in Coventry, has been funded by The Royal Society, Partnership Grants.

For the purposes of this project, we would like to maximise involvement whilst seeking the highest benefit academically from the project. With this in mind - we aim to include one class from Upper Phase (Year 4) and two classes from the separate areas of Lower Phase (Years 1 and Year 3). We would like to ask Year 6 to be ambassadors and advise/ support children from the Year 1class.

Step One: The children will collect qualitative data to identify three key spaces within the school that are considered that have the highest impact on their wellbeing and learning. These spaces would also benefit the maximum number of pupils.

Step Two: In these spaces, we will introduce nature inside by adding three different types of green walls (hydroponic, climbing wall and mixed plants on shelving). The children will examine research as to how nature can improve wellbeing to direct their overall green wall designs and choice of plants. The ultimate aim of these areas is to increase emotional and physical wellbeing whilst improving levels of concentration and focus within school.

Step Three: The children will measure the effect through carefully thought out wellbeing questionnaires before and after the installation of green walls. They will also use air quality monitors, temperature/humidity sensors, light monitors, cameras and pulse monitors.
Effective start/end date5/09/2230/06/23


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