2D DEM of ice rubble: the effect of rate-dependent friction

Ben Lishman, Attu Polojärvi

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    The friction coefficient of ice on ice is usually modeled as a constant. However, theory and experimental data show that ice-ice friction depends on the speed of sliding. In this paper we incorporate a rate-dependent friction coefficient into 2D discrete element method simulations of ice ensemble behaviour. Friction is high (0.7) at low sliding speeds (<10-6 ms-1), low (0.1) at high sliding speeds (>10-2 ms-1) and decreases log-linearly between these values. We show qualitatively and quantitatively how this affects the overall dynamics of a shear box experiment.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - Jun 2015
    EventPorts and Oceans Under Arctic Conditions (POAC) - Trondheim, Norway
    Duration: 14 Jun 201518 Jun 2015


    ConferencePorts and Oceans Under Arctic Conditions (POAC)


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