Acute care across care settings: teaching novices expert eye gaze in simulation

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Introduction/Learning Outcomes: The learning outcome for this activity was to teach novices to recognise the deteriorating patient using simulation and to advocate the “end of the bed look”, as nurses often develop visual skills over time by anticipating patient’s decline before objective evidence becomes available (Douw, Schoonhoven, Holwerda, Huisman-de Waal, Zanten, Achterberg & Hoeven, 2015). At the University of Portsmouth, nursing students have lectures on pharmacology and drug errors, including the anticipated physiological response. These drug errors were then replicated in simulation using high fidelity simulators.
Study Design/Methodology: The simulated monitor was switched off to encourage the development of the novice’s eye gaze to recognise the deteriorating patient from visual cues. In order to develop visual cues, we designed 4 drug error scenarios; asthma, hyper-kalemia, pulmonary embolism and anaphylaxis. All four scenarios ran simultaneously. Groups of 4 nursing students rotated between the stations, each having the opportunity to take the role of: recording the patient’s history, completing the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) 2 (Royal College of Physicians, 2017) completing a physical examination and asking debrief questions. The scenarios had a 10 minute time limit to encourage teamwork.

Summary of results: All 84 students were able to identify the correct medical condition for all 4 of the drug error scenarios. Conclusion/Major Findings: The informal student feedback was positive and indicated that the session was perceived to be beneficial. The time limitation factor encouraged good teamwork, leadership skills, good communication, decision making, task management and time management.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 17 Sept 2018
Event33rd Annual British Association for Critical Care Nurses Conference 2018 - Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Duration: 17 Sept 201818 Sept 2018


Conference33rd Annual British Association for Critical Care Nurses Conference 2018
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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