Agile asset criticality assessment approach using decision making grid

Ahmed Karar, Ashraf Labib

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Purpose: This paper proposes a framework for an agile ACA process using Decision-Making Grid (DMG) to accommodate the needs of this dynamic environment.

Design/methodology/approach: The proposed approach has been validated through an industrial case study related to a Steam Generation System (SGS)

Findings: The implementation of the proposed approach in a petroleum refinery to assess the criticality of Steam Generation System (SGS) has shown positive results in terms of time and effort optimization.

Practical implications: The proposed new approach has delivered better results with more consistency when applied by different teams and achieved better distribution of assets over the criticality scale.

Originality/value: This research contributes OM literature with respect to one of its core activities of maintenance, through an innovative systematic, and practical approach.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
Early online date30 Sept 2020
Publication statusEarly online - 30 Sept 2020


  • Asset Criticality Assessment (ACA)
  • Decision-Making Grid (DMG)
  • Reliability
  • Maintenance


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