Analysis of research methodologies for neurorehabilitation

Paul Gnanayutham, J. George

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This paper analyses the research methodologies available and the choice made by the researchers in choosing a methodology for neurorehabilitation. Medical personnel find it hard to establish the appropriate medical classification with this group of disabled patients. This further complicates matters in performing research with such participants, since it is not known if some of these people are aware but unable to respond, or unable to comprehend and respond appropriately to the requests made by the communications around them. This paper describes the methods and methodologies available for neurorehabilitation and concludes by describing three examples of research approaches used by the authors
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRecent advances in computing and management information systems
EditorsP. Petratos, G. Marcoulides
Place of PublicationAthens
Number of pages25
ISBN (Print)9789606672507
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2009


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