Analysis of transient interactions between a PWR nuclear power plant and a faulted electricity grid

Vineet Vajpayee, Elif Top, Victor M. Becerra

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This paper presents the transient stability analysis of a pressurised water-type nuclear power plant following faults and disturbances affecting the electricity grid to which it is connected. The modelled nuclear plant consists of various integrated subsystems, such as core neutronics and thermal-hydraulics, piping and plenum, pressuriser, steam generator, turbine, governor, and dynamics shaft, in addition to the turbine-speed controller. The nonlinear nuclear power plant model is linearised at the operating point to acquire a linear model for controller design. The turbine-speed control loop effectively enacts a closed-loop implementation of the nuclear power plant connected to the electric grid. The various transient stability enhancement components such as the power system stabiliser, static var compensator, and static synchronous compensator are employed to test performance during severe contingencies. The interaction between the nuclear power plant, electric grid, and protection system is studied under various scenarios such as single-phase fault, three-phase fault, and permanent load loss. The performance of the nonlinear plant is further observed during load-following operation. The dynamic behaviour of the overall system is analysed using simulations in the MATLAB/Simulink/Simscape environment.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1573
Number of pages31
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 12 Mar 2021


  • UKRI
  • EP/R022062/1


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