Anti-bribery and corruption in sport mega-events: Stakeholder perspectives

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Sport mega-events are often accompanied by allegations of bribery and corruption, with concerns around corruption opportunities expected to continue into the 2020s. Research on anti-corruption around sport mega-events is important for understanding how these risks can be mitigated. This paper addresses the gap in knowledge surrounding anti-corruption issues associated with the organisation of sport mega-events. 39 interviews were conducted with anti-corruption specialists, sport governance officials, and stakeholders working in sport to gain their perspective on bribery and corruption issues and prevention in relation to sport mega-events. Thematic analysis was then conducted on the data. The results showed a consistency in perception with regards to the main issues and areas of concern for national and international sport governing bodies involved in organising sport mega-events, as well as providing a number of suggestions for addressing these through specific policies for implementation.
Original languageEnglish
JournalSport in Society
Early online date9 Aug 2021
Publication statusEarly online - 9 Aug 2021


  • bribery
  • corruption
  • sport mega-events
  • sport governance
  • compliance


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