Archiving software and content in visual film effects: an insider's perspective

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This ground-breaking edited collection explores the challenges of preserving complex digital objects such as simulations, visualisations, digital art and video games.

Drawing on the outputs of the JISC-funded Preservation of Complex Objects (POCOS) symposia, enhanced with specialist pathfinder solutions, this book covers topics such as the legal and technical challenges of preservation, curation and authority, and digital archaeology.

Written by international experts from a broad background of library, collecting institutions, information and computer science, and digital preservation backgrounds, this collection showcases the state of the art of the discipline and brings together stakeholder perspectives from across the preservation community. The collection is structured around six parts:

1. Why and what to preserve: creativity vs preservation
2. The memory institution: data archival perspectives
3. Digital preservation approaches, practices and tools
4. Case studies
5. A legal perspective
6. Pathfinder conclusions.

Readership: Academics and students on digital preservation, digital humanities and information management courses, and those working in preservation and collecting for memory institutions will find this a valuable read. It will also be of particular interest to computer scientists, artists, games and emulation communities, archaeologists and digital forensic scientists.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPreserving Complex Digital Objects
EditorsJanet Delve, David Anderson
PublisherFacet Publishing
ISBN (Print)978-1856049580
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2014


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