Beyond Borders: Research & Applied Practice Horizons across cultural locations

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Sport and Exercise Psychology has a predominantly Eurocentric evidence base (Aravind et al., 2022; Gupta & Divekar, 2022; Gupta & Sudhesh, 2019; Schinke & Hanrahan, 2009). However, clients we work with are seldom contained within this geographical and cultural Eurocentric space. The empirical evidence of sport psychology originates from theoretical conceptualisations rooted in western, white, male, cisgender perspectives. In sport psychology, Ryba and Schinke (2009) indicate that methodological considerations in research demonstrated “ritualised eurocentrism” (p.263), with only tokenistic representation of other groups, if any. This echo trends in psychology to go beyond research and practice solely involving participants who are western, educated, from industrialised, rich and democratic countries (WEIRD) (Henrich et al., 2010; Keith, 2018). Limited research limits effective practice causing an asymmetry in evidence-informed applied work (Gupta & Divekar, 2022; Gupta, in-press). Recent evidence from Quartiroli et al. (2022) has also highlighted that sport psychology professionals perceive the field to be culturally challenged since applied practice is based on Western ethnocentric philosophical assumptions which does not translate to diverse contexts. In this symposium we highlight the gap in research and collate efforts by non-WEIRD academics to study sport psychology constructs in such diverse contexts. We showcase the evidence from non-WEIRD research and our research centre in India to illustrate the similarities and differences in how constructs operate. The focus is to highlight the evidence and challenges faced when applying western theory and measures to non-Western contexts. We illustrate the differences in applied practice realities across contexts with specific focus on transferability issues, linguistic challenges in applied practice, diverse socioecological structures and environmental influences. The positive outcome of inclusivity and diversification on research and practice is another focus of discussion. Moving beyond the siloed WEIRD research we showcase how we can learn from the past to guide future research on this expanding horizon of decolonising sport psychology in the context of the wider world and the diverse people we support as sport psychologists.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2022
EventDivision of Sport and Exercise Psychology Annual Conference 2022 - Swansea, United Kingdom
Duration: 29 Nov 202230 Nov 2022


ConferenceDivision of Sport and Exercise Psychology Annual Conference 2022
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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