Changes in forward light scatter parameters as a function of refractive error in young adults

Manbir Nagra, Mansi Patel, John Barbur

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Background/aims: Some aspects of visual performance worsen with increasing myopia. Whilst the underlying causes are not always clear, reduction in retinal image quality is often attributed to structural changes in the posterior myopic eye. Forward light scatter, originating principally from the cornea and lens, is known to produce veiling glare which subsequently reduces retinal image contrast. It is therefore of interest to investigate whether forward light scatter varies with refractive error.

Methods: Thirteen young-adult subjects (18–25 years), with mean spherical errors (MSE ± sd, D) RE, − 1.69 ± 2.02 (range 0.38 to − 4.75); LE, − 1.91 ± 1.94 (range 0.50 to − 4.63) underwent binocular assessment of forward light scatter using the AVOT light scatter test. Five glare annuli, with effective eccentricities ranging from 2 to 10°, were used to estimate parameters, k and n, which define the light scatter function of the eye. These were then used to calculate the area under the light scatter function (k′) and the total volume of light scatter (k″).

Results: Significant correlation was found between increasing myopia and k′ values (RE, p < 0.05; r = 0.64; LE, p < 0.05, r = 0.66). Neither the ‘volume’ of light scatter (k″), the parameter, n, which controls the angular distribution of light scatter, or the straylight parameter constant, k, were significantly correlated with refractive error (p > 0.05 for both eyes). Axial length was also not correlated with any of the light scatter parameters measured.

Conclusion: The preliminary data from this study provide evidence that some light scatter parameters may be correlated with refractive error. Further studies are needed to characterize how changes in the anterior media of the eye, and inclusion of a wider range of refractive errors, may affect forward light scatter.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
JournalGraefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
Early online date7 Jan 2020
Publication statusEarly online - 7 Jan 2020


  • refractive error
  • forward light scatter
  • retinal straylight
  • myopia
  • axial length


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