CHORA: Interface of academy and creative practice and education

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Plato’s Chora Ltd trading as CHORA, is dedicated to importing the intellectual assets of the academic world into the realms of creative practice and scholarship.

The word CHORA is the feminine article of the ancient Greek word choros that in its origins when ascribed a feminine quality describes a space between being and non-being, which at the hands of Plato became ‘the receptacle of becoming’ a place where the as yet unimagined is revealed’.

CHORA is designed as s a permeable membrane within which collaborators, gather, collaborate without pre-ordination and where in time things reveal themselves.

CHORA has no front office, no back office, rather it is an international network of academics, artists and makers who share an ambition for collective betterment deliver through creative acts of praxis and scholarship

CHORA has developed two distinct yet interwoven areas of endeavour:

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Publication statusPublished - 29 May 2017


  • practice as research
  • Research practice


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