Ken Devine

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


3 interrelated artworks. - The Haphazard Colour Machine is an abstracted digital work; the audience is taken on a random journey through a virtual 3D environment of colour projected on the floor. It is a meditative work that provokes reflection. - Haphazard Colours of the Sphere is a contributory digital artwork researched and developed over a number of years. Contributors record a statement or statements, write a text or create an image or sound piece about colour(s), which have significance and meaning for them. Each contribution an avatar is created in the virtual environment. The artwork randomly selects contributors' avatars and plays the associated video narratives, text, image or sound from within the environment of colour. - Prints from the Haphazard Analytical Colour Engine. Each print represents analytical spectra derived from the collection of data relating to contributors' colour associations. It uses free-form narrative and questionnaire entries. It has the capacity to search and create spectra of either associated colours from single words or complex word searches, using 'and' or 'or' functions. It can also create word maps from free-form narrative by choosing a colour. The free-form narrative can be single word or complex stories. The questionnaire covers issues related to the objective and rational, feeling and opinion as well as descriptions of geographic location, life style issues, gender and ethnicity. Together the three works are a triangulated exploration of colour. The Haphazard Colour Machine has no specified meaning. It has, however, a meditative and poetic quality which is nascent with potential for multiple indefinite metaphors originating from concurrent audience experience. The Haphazard Colours of the Sphere is a directory of specific meanings in the form of audience contributions, some concrete, some rational, some metaphorical and some rhetorical. The meaning is specific to individual contribution. Some of these are eloquently expressive while others are terse and direct. The youngest contributor is below 5yrs the eldest is Octogenarian. Those represented embody a vast array of social groups. The work pays no attention to social position, pretention or affectation. It delivers all contributions with equal opportunity. The contributions are the heart, soul and intelligence of the artwork. The Haphazard Analytical Colour Engine uses the form of an empirical statistical tool to generate images from contributors' data. The meta-data is the artwork. It creates spectra of collective associations. Exhibited at Lewisham Art House, London, UK, 23 March-17 April 2011
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
EventChroma - Lewisham Art House, London
Duration: 23 Mar 201117 Apr 2011


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