Comparative analysis of properties in chairside silicone denture liners versus heat-cured Molloplast-B: an in-depth in vitro evaluation

Mahdi Mutahar, Nasser M. Al Ahmari, Saeed M. Alqahtani, Thrya S. Gadah, Abdulkarim H. Alshehri, Hafiz A. Adawi, Mansoor Shariff, Fuad A. Al-Sanabani, Mohammed M. Al Moaleem

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Background: We investigated the bond strength, tensile strength, and water absorption properties of 4 widely used chairside silicone long-term denture soft lining materials and compared properties with those of heat-cured silicone material.

Materials and methods: Four chairside materials (GC Reline Soft, Mucopren Soft, Sofreliner Soft, and Elite Soft Relining) and a heat-cured silicone material (Molloplast B) were investigated. For tensile and shear bond strength and tensile strength, samples were prepared according to the manufacturers’ instructions and the testing machine used. For water absorption, IOS 1567 was followed to prepare specimens. Bond strengths were measured using a Lloyd Instruments materials testing machine. Ten specimens for each test were prepared for each soft liner, except for water absorption and solubility tests, for which only 5 specimens were prepared. ANOVA, Bonferroni, and Kruskal-Wallis tests were used to compare values of materials and assess changes over time.

Results: There was strong evidence of differences in the properties between materials. GC Reline Soft showed comparable tensile bond (1.4±0.6 MPa), shear bond (1.1±0.4 MPa), tensile strength (5.44±0.98), water absorption (0.92±0.2 µg/mm³), and solubility values (0.3±0.2 µg/mm3) to that of Molloplast B (1.4±0.4; 1.6±0.5; 4.53±0.9 MPa, 1.7±0.3, and 1.0±0.3 µg/mm³, respectively). The water solubility of Sofreliner Soft was significantly lower (1.5±0.8 µg/mm³) than that of Molloplast B.

Conclusions: There were significant differences between some properties of 4 chairside denture soft lining materials and that of Molloplast B, which had higher shear and tensile bond strength than chairside denture silicone soft lining materials but had the highest water solubility.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere941793
Number of pages10
JournalMedical Science Monitor
Early online date6 Sept 2023
Publication statusPublished - 12 Oct 2023


  • absorption
  • denture liners
  • shear strength
  • solubility
  • tensile strength

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