Culture research in India: critical issues and future research opportunities

Ashish Malik, Vijay Pereira

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    This concluding chapter attempts to pull together the various threads and portray three key aspects from the nine empirical chapters presented in this research monograph. As editors of this monograph we do this by analyzing responses from the authors themselves. We asked the authors of each of the above chapters to furnish pivotal information on three areas. First, to furnish key points regarding ‘Investigating Cultural Aspects in Indian Organizations’ (from each of their chapter). Second, key points regarding strategies to overcome these challenges. Third, key points regarding future opportunities in investigating cultural aspects in Indian organizations. All three areas either pertain to the study/chapter, methods, or practice or also a combination of these. In what follows below we discuss each contribution in turn.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationInvestigating cultural aspects in Indian organizations
    Subtitle of host publicationempirical evidence
    EditorsVijay Pereira, Ashish Malik
    VolumeNew York City
    ISBN (Electronic)9783319160986
    ISBN (Print)9783319160979
    Publication statusPublished - 2015

    Publication series

    NameIndia studies in business and economics
    ISSN (Print)2198-0012


    • Empirical Evidence
    • India
    • Indian Culture
    • Indian Organizations
    • Organizational culture


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