Education, a change agent for project failure?

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This research paper seeks to critically assess the role of education in addressing the skills gap in managerial competences and resilience to project failure within the project management profession. In order to achieve this it will address issues relating to why projects fail. To conduct this research an unobtrusive approach is undertaken through the use of content analysis. Content analysis is used to examine the qualitative data drawn from 4 case studies on project failure. It will use a thematic approach and coding to identify emergent patterns and trends. This in turn will help to capture and identify lessons learnt that could be adopted to create a new model of educational and leadership competences for project managers. The findings reveal the need to encourage more critical reflection in training and educational development programs, in addressing project failure. It is therefore proposed that this will empower project managers towards a better understanding of their corporate social responsibility within their profession. This paper concludes that failure to properly educate project managers has serious implications on their professional identity and credibility as practitioners, as well as for future pedagogical practice


  • Resilience
  • Reflective practice
  • competences
  • Training
  • Lessons learnt


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