Chris Wagstaff, Katherine A. Tamminen

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The study of emotion in sport reflects a mature area of research and a ubiquitous domain of applied sport psychology practice with individuals, dyads, teams, and organizations. In this review an overview of the present status of emotion research in sport is provided. In doing so, historical research on emotion in sport is considered, which has largely been conducted from an intrapersonal perspective, before reflecting on a recent “interpersonal turn” in emotion research. The authors are both surprised and excited to highlight in this review how much remains to be systematically examined within this domain. Indeed, the sport context is one of great potential for research on emotion, and such environments offer vibrant contexts for studying and influencing human well-being and performance. As such, the review is concluded with some future research directions and applied implications.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationStress, Well-Being, and Performance in Sport
EditorsRachel Arnold, David Fletcher
Number of pages16
ISBN (Electronic)9780429295874
ISBN (Print)9780367272678
Publication statusPublished - 9 Mar 2021

Publication series

NameRoutledge Psychology of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity


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