Ex Guidotti Labs, Classrooms and Lecture Theatre

Alessandro Melis, Gian Luigi Melis, Roger Diener

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The Ex-Guidotti institute is a 3000 sqm university complex including a large vestibule, two separated wings for labs and classrooms and a lecture theatre for 200 people. Its construction started in 2018 and in May the main structures were completed. The novelty of this practice based research output the highly sustainable, and probably unique, mixed geothermal system, consequence of sophisticated calculations (in collaboration with the geology department of the University of Pisa) due to the risk of destabilization of the famous leaning tower, nearby. The structural technology, based on a cast in situ reinforced concrete load bearing walls is the response to the high seismicity of the site. The design team, lead by Alessandro Melis, Gian Luigi Melis and Nico Panizzi (Heliopolis 21) has been done in cooperation  with the Swiss worldclass firm Diener & Diener. 

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 May 2018


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    Melis, A., 2006

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