Exploring alternative methods of gag reflex control: Part 1: acupressure

Laura Cox, Joanne Brindley

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle


This article is the first of two covering the management of patients with a sensitive
gag reflex. Part 1 will focus on the technique of acupressure which a less invasive
variant of the traditional Chinese therapy of acupuncture.
Dental patients with a sensitive gag reflex can be difficult and problematic for
registrants to manage as not only can a sensitive gag reflex cause complications in
the delivery of dental care, it can also be a distressing event for the patient which
can impact on their future care. This article aims to raise awareness of what a gag
reflex is, how the severity can be assessed and ways in which to manage patients
with a prominent gag reflex.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Specialist publicationBDJ Team
Publication statusPublished - 31 Mar 2017


  • Dental
  • alternative therapies


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