Green districts: increasing walkability, reducing carbon and generating energy

Steffen Lehmann

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If the cityscape of rooftops is an emerging concern within the scientific community, particularly with regard to the environmental impact resulting from these extended waterproofed, its relationship to energy and the urban ecosystem is still relatively unexplored. Starting from the idea that the roof holds potential likely to emerge a new energy culture - while offering spaces that offer a quality of life and a unique landscape quality where nature and dense human habitation converge - the main objective of this book is to lay the groundwork for a reflection on the consequences of the role of energy and ecosystems on the forms and architectural strategies and roof managers. In this sense, this manuscript is organized in three parts. The first part presents reflections and positions on the need to establish sustainable development. The second part provides an architectural and urban look on the roof. Last addresses the multiple roof functions. Wearing a more specific look at the case of Montreal, Paris and Chicago, this book makes way for practitioners of interventions (consultants, city officials etc.), researchers, architects, students and offers an interdisciplinary reflection on a territory become what some call "the fifth urban façade."

This publication reports on a stage of the research project being conducted by an international group of researchers. Entitled air epidermis cities in terms of the issue of energy and ways of life: Prospective forms and architectural and urban strategies. 'Learning from' Chicago, Montreal, Paris, the project was one of eight winners of the French research program "Ignis mutat res. Think architecture, city and landscape in the energy prism" (2011-2015 ) controlled by the Bureau of architectural research, urban and landscape of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (France) in partnership with the Ministry of Ecology, sustainable Development and Energy (France) Workshop International Grand Paris, Veolia Environnement and Vedecom Institute.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationToit urbain: Les défis énergetique et écosystémique d'un nouveau territoire
EditorsAlena Prochazka, Sandra Breux, Catherine Seguin Griffith, Pierre Boyer-Mercier
Place of PublicationQuébec, Canada
PublisherLaval University Press
Number of pages26
ISBN (Print)978-2-7637-2583-3
Publication statusPublished - 16 Sept 2015


  • green districts
  • reducing carbon


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