Imagine Plastics: Immersive XR experiences

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Imagine Plastics; Immersive Experiences - Seeing is Believing.

An exhibition featuring five immersive artworks in the realm of Extended Reality (XR), accompanied by a poster and a presentation showcasing the artworks and highlighting the practical implementation of XR within the chosen theme

I was asked to generate five artworks (artefacts) featuring an extended reality (XR) immersive and interactive experience highlighting the conference’s central issues; plastics pollution in a range of settings. Already working in this field of XR with a recent exhibition, this conference allows my practice to further develop and align with strategic aims both for the university and for my umbralla project the Illustrated Menagerie with The art project "Seeing is Believing" visually represents ecosystem threats in an interactive manner to inspire change. It highlights the interconnections between nature, the environment, and human behavior through multidisciplinary, interactive, and immersive approaches, including extended reality. This project allows individuals to experience the effects of human behavior on non-human animals and explore potential changes to mitigate those effects.extending the. I was also invited to talk about this work as part of the conference programme. The conference will facilitate both further dissemination of developing work and invite discussion and potentially further cross-disciplinary collaboration.

With a profound interest in the animal kingdom and illustration, I established Illustrated Menagerie initially to curate artwork produced by undergraduate students and produced several exhibitions, such as a retrospective spanning five years and an illustrated scroll with Shakespearean themes. Recently, an interactive augmented reality scavenger hunt has successfully engaged the public, and collaboration with Revolution Plastics has pushed the boundaries of visualising intricate phenomena within an extended reality environment. The success of these endeavours was often the outcome of interdisciplinary collaborations; looking forward, my objective is to pursue further research collaborations that delve into alternative perspectives, particularly exploring future scenarios from the standpoint of non-human animals.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherNicola Hay
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jul 2023


  • plastic pollution
  • extended reality
  • illustration

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